Reflective Essay

A misconception I had on academic reading and writing was that it was such a bore and making an academic essay would be the worst thing for me to do. After taking this term though, I learned that it was not a bore as long as the topic interested me and writing an academic paper was actually not a hassle as I first thought. I guess being enlightened on what academic reading and writing was helped shape my new positive thinking on it.

I particularly had difficulties in making the word “humor” my own since I was too delved in writing about what it was instead of connecting it to how I see it. I finally realised how far I was from the dealing with the word when my professor told me that my essay was not reflecting or pointing out to humor. This helped me go back to the roots of the word to truly understand it and in the end, everything worked out well. Taking the whole wrting process step by step also helped me effective write my essays.

I would proudly admit that my entry essay sucked so badly. I cringed awhile back when I typed it on the blog because I really saw the progress of how far I have come. Compared to the entry essay, my exit essay is definitely better. I guess I was able to incorporate all that I have learned throughout the course and it reflected in the works I have written.

I believe that I have achieved what Englcom seeks for its students to learn. I saw myself grow as an effective communicator when I was able to defend my stand on death penalty well compared to the mock debate where I spurted out random crap that did not even make sense. I saw myself improve in writing papers that had a specific direction on the topic unlike before when my essays did not effectively support what I was talking about. Lastly, I saw myself become more reflective in life and in the things I write about so I thank Englcom for the opportunity to grow and  become a better person.


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