Entry Essay

With the Pope Francis’ upcoming arrival, the Catholic body is eagerly anticipating his Papal visit. He is expected to visit the countless victims of the recent floods that devastated Philippines. There, he wants to encourage them and give them light in their sufferings.

As Catholicism is the most prevalent religion in the Philippine nation, Pope Francis’ impending visit would be regarded of utmost importance. His visit aims to strengthen and unify the Philippines’ belief and bond with the Lord. What the Philippine country believes in will direct its actions towards all the issues it faces. The Catholic citizens will expectedly act accordingly to their religious beliefs thereby affecting the nation greatly.

Pope Francis being the head of the Catholic Church is also seen as a political figure by many. This allows opportunities for some members of the political game to show their extreme devotion to God and Pope Francis in hopes of advancing their political career even if they many not be devout followers of the Catholic faith. While it is true that there are many devout Catholics, there is no doubt that with the incoming elections, there would be many politicians will use this opportunity of “being blessed” by Pope Francis in their political agenda. Most likely, they will use the advantage of the Pope’s blessing to show the masses that they should be voted and are trustworthy to lead the nation, which should not even be the case.

The Pope’s visit is meant especially for the victims of the flood. As Pope Francis’ compassion aches for them, he seeks to give them hope and goodwill for their future. Other than attending to them, Pope Francis will also fill the thirsty hearts with God’s teachings and spirit. His visit is so important that the whole country has prepared for it.

Even non-Christians are curious for Pope Francis’ visit as he is revered and greatly respected by the people of today. Hopefully during his visit, there would be no mayhems involving the political interests of the politicians but only spiritual enlightenment for the followers of the Catholic faith.


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