How to Be Single


Many film depictions nowadays focus on getting into relationships as if that is the solution or the key to one’s happiness. It appears as if the relationship defines and completes the persons involved that when they do breakup, they end up thinking that they are incomplete.Their perception of wholeness is flawed as it conforms to the world’s view of fleeting love and happiness. They view being single and alone as an awful thing since they do not know themselves anymore without their significant other and become lost in their lives.

The film celebrated being single. It praised a person’s simple choice to be alone in order to find one’s self. Being in a relationship with one’s self is something everyone should work on before finding “the one” or “prince charming.” Most often than not, people get into a relationship without being self-assured. I believe that before anyone goes into a relationship, both parties must be secured of themselves with or without a significant other. This would ensure that if the relationship does not work out and they go their separate ways, they would not be lost in their identity. Furthermore, they must be mature enough to take on what they can learn from the failed relationship.

Sometimes it is always forgotten that simply staying single is because of a choice. The person just loves being with herself and that is completely fine, it is not weird to be assured and in love with yourself. The reason this is uncommon here is because many people especially women do not love themselves; they think that morphing into the perfect image of beauty will allow them to find happiness. They do not know that it starts within by accepting, trusting, and loving yourself no matter what. Begin with self-love then in the process of finding and knowing yourself; the road to cherishing and enjoying your whole being comes along. “Accept yourself, love yourself, it starts with you,” chanted Matthew Silver.


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