Hello my fellow hippies!


Don’t worry too much about life and Englcom! Let things be the way it should be. Trust me, you do not need to stress about all the papers you would be required to write in the course because each step is taken one at a time. Besides, the words would eventually freely flow out of your mind and end up in the pen and paper you are holding so again do not fret about it. This course was super chillax and fun so enjoy it! Never worry about something you cannot change, keep it away from your mind because it would not help you at all. A tip for you, never cram because it might stress you out and stress vibes suck so always exert your best effort and finish your papers early. A lesson for you is to accept the constructive criticism your professor gives you because it will totally help you to become a better version of yourself so do not be a baby and throw tantrums and just accept what must be changed.

P.S. Happy life to you all and don’t forget to share good vibes always!  Hakuna Matata to you all! Be like this pug who has accepted life and enjoys the moments it has to offer!


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