How to Be Single


Many film depictions nowadays focus on getting into relationships as if that is the solution or the key to one’s happiness. It appears as if the relationship defines and completes the persons involved that when they do breakup, they end up thinking that they are incomplete.Their perception of wholeness is flawed as it conforms to the world’s view of fleeting love and happiness. They view being single and alone as an awful thing since they do not know themselves anymore without their significant other and become lost in their lives.

The film celebrated being single. It praised a person’s simple choice to be alone in order to find one’s self. Being in a relationship with one’s self is something everyone should work on before finding “the one” or “prince charming.” Most often than not, people get into a relationship without being self-assured. I believe that before anyone goes into a relationship, both parties must be secured of themselves with or without a significant other. This would ensure that if the relationship does not work out and they go their separate ways, they would not be lost in their identity. Furthermore, they must be mature enough to take on what they can learn from the failed relationship.

Sometimes it is always forgotten that simply staying single is because of a choice. The person just loves being with herself and that is completely fine, it is not weird to be assured and in love with yourself. The reason this is uncommon here is because many people especially women do not love themselves; they think that morphing into the perfect image of beauty will allow them to find happiness. They do not know that it starts within by accepting, trusting, and loving yourself no matter what. Begin with self-love then in the process of finding and knowing yourself; the road to cherishing and enjoying your whole being comes along. “Accept yourself, love yourself, it starts with you,” chanted Matthew Silver.


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One who looks upon all of these negative definitions and shakes his head thinking how sad it must be to no longer have the ability to dream of a world that we were all taught to strive for as children. One who loves everyone without prejudice.



On the completion of the course, the student is expected to be:

  • An effective communicator
  • A critical and creative thinker
  • A service-driven citizen
  • A reflective life-long learner


To compile worth-publishing outputs highlighting major rhetorical patterns examples of academic writing.

Entry Essay

With the Pope Francis’ upcoming arrival, the Catholic body is eagerly anticipating his Papal visit. He is expected to visit the countless victims of the recent floods that devastated Philippines. There, he wants to encourage them and give them light in their sufferings.

As Catholicism is the most prevalent religion in the Philippine nation, Pope Francis’ impending visit would be regarded of utmost importance. His visit aims to strengthen and unify the Philippines’ belief and bond with the Lord. What the Philippine country believes in will direct its actions towards all the issues it faces. The Catholic citizens will expectedly act accordingly to their religious beliefs thereby affecting the nation greatly.

Pope Francis being the head of the Catholic Church is also seen as a political figure by many. This allows opportunities for some members of the political game to show their extreme devotion to God and Pope Francis in hopes of advancing their political career even if they many not be devout followers of the Catholic faith. While it is true that there are many devout Catholics, there is no doubt that with the incoming elections, there would be many politicians will use this opportunity of “being blessed” by Pope Francis in their political agenda. Most likely, they will use the advantage of the Pope’s blessing to show the masses that they should be voted and are trustworthy to lead the nation, which should not even be the case.

The Pope’s visit is meant especially for the victims of the flood. As Pope Francis’ compassion aches for them, he seeks to give them hope and goodwill for their future. Other than attending to them, Pope Francis will also fill the thirsty hearts with God’s teachings and spirit. His visit is so important that the whole country has prepared for it.

Even non-Christians are curious for Pope Francis’ visit as he is revered and greatly respected by the people of today. Hopefully during his visit, there would be no mayhems involving the political interests of the politicians but only spiritual enlightenment for the followers of the Catholic faith.

Extended Definition Essay


Humor is all but a mask worn everyday, never be fooled by it. People wear different facades to hide who they truly are inside. Comedians especially are often the ones who don masks and act like they are bursting with happiness. They humor people for them to laugh and be able to feel the same happiness they do. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines humor as, “the ability to be funny, to make others laugh, and to be amused by hilarious things.” It is a common misconception that people who are humorous are happy but for others that is the complete opposite. Instead for some humor is a tool to obtain their lack of happiness or to conceal their bottled up feelings inside. Humor is a character trait used to mask one’s pain, insecurity, and mental illness.

Humor is a character trait used to mask one’s pain. A man masks his emotional pain with humor to flee his demons and broken soul. People mask their pain through humor to forget their wounds. By making others laugh, they get to feel a brief moment of happiness that allows them to cope with life. “Humour is often seen as a coping strategy” (Glassco et al., 2014, p. 1). The laughter of the people as a response to the person’s humor would enable him to have a brief sense of being happy. His fleeting happiness would give him the comfort he seeks. The moment others laugh, he would be able to feel the happiness he was looking for. Even if momentarily, the pain disappears. The perfect example of a man caught between struggling with pain and happiness was Robin Williams, he used his humor not only to hide his pain but most importantly to flee from it. He constantly made others laugh so that he could feel happiness in his life and not the pain eating him up inside.

Humor is a character trait that is used to hide one’s insecurity. An insecure person would use humor to hide his lack of confidence by being funny. People would not be able to detect the difference from true confidence and a pretentious one. True confidence is being assured and secured about one’s self and identity while a pretentious one only feigns self-confidence but does not actually have it. An insecure person uses humor to get attention he or she seeks. The insecure person adores and craves for the publicity and affection that his or her humor would provide. “By being humorous, an insecure person would attract the attention of another individual” (Brumbaugh and Fraley, 2010, p. 1). The humor would hide a person’s insecurity because he or she would come off as funny. People often mistake being funny as confident when that is not necessarily the case. The perfect example would be the Sad Clown, a character known for coping with his life through humor. The Sad Clown is insecure but fools himself into believing that his humor presents him as confident (Sad Clown, n.d.).

Humor is a character trait used to mask one’s mental illness. People diagnosed with mental illness particularly depression use humor as form of a temporary healing (Berry, 2004, p.9, 31). Their humor does not necessarily take away their depression but it does help them keep it at bay just enough for others not to glimpse it. Other people would then be likely to believe their wellbeing is at a fine state. On the other hand, they also use humor as a defense mechanism to avoid their mental illness. They use their humor to deflect what is tormenting them deep inside and shield themselves because they are afraid to face it. Often instead of solving it they put on a brave face and fake a smile even if they are miserable inside (Jaffe, 2010).

Keeping what is inside one’s self is commonly done because it is easier to live that way. Pushing away all the pain, sadness, and insecurity helps people forget their problems because humor briefly takes it away from them. It may not be a permanent solution but it allows them to live through the day. Through humor the people who have experienced pain, sadness, and insecurities get to survive the day by concealing it inside of them. The people use humor as a front because it becomes a shield that deflects what they really feel inside or who they truly are. Looks are deceiving; the happiest looking person can be the saddest deep inside.


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Argumentative Essay

Death Penalty in the Philippines

Death is not in anyone’s hands. Capital punishment or death penalty was given to a criminal deemed unfit to live by the state as a punishment for his heinous crimes. Death penalty was in effect since the beginning of the Spanish era, the Martial Law period, and Fidel Ramos and Estrada’s time in the country (A timeline of death penalty in the Philippines). Death penalty should not be implemented in the Philippines because the judicial system is faulty and it is contrary to the catholic teachings.

Death penalty should not be implemented in the Philippines because the judicial system is faulty. The judicial system in the Philippines is very slow, the due process of a case is not effective in the country because it takes too long to solve whereas most cases last for years before being processed. The delays prolong the criminal cases, which end in them going nowhere and not being solved. There are also too many errors in the system, these errors being having an inadequate lawyer represent the defendant, incomplete or lack of evidence, and unreliable witnesses. If capital punishment were in effect in the country, majority of the cases would result in wrongfully convicting innocent people. Authority, money, influence, and fraud could sway the judicial system in the Philippines. Due to the rich and powerful men influencing the decision of the case, it does not even matter if the accused is truly guilty of the crime or innocent because the end result will be based on their choice. The case would then be manipulated through forged evidence, false witnesses, or forced confessions. The judge would then have to incriminate the accused man for his alleged crime. This leads innocent people to die without having the chance of parole and their freedom (Wrongful Conviction in the Philippines).

The Republic Act No. 7659 states that a criminal who has been proven guilty to a heinous crime with proper due process of the law will be executed. This law will protect the defendant whether he is guilty or not to have the freedom to testify and prove his innocence. Careful deliberation is taken when determining a criminal’s case before imposing the death penalty. The decision of the Supreme Court cannot happen instantly because there are many factors to prove if the man is guilty and deserves death penalty.

The death penalty should not even be imposed in the country where the justice system is currently imperfect and biased. While it is true that the criminal cases take too long to be solved, it is not because the criminal cases are carefully being processed instead it is because there too many criminal cases that they just keep piling up without being resolved. This shows the inability for the criminal justice system to process criminal cases efficiently and effectively. Even President Aquino pronounced that no death penalty would be enforced until the justice system is perfected. Furthermore, majority of the defendants with death cases are not even well represented in their trials, making it unfair for them because there would be a greater chance that they would be given the death penalty if it were in effect. Even the Supreme Court admitted it had its share of miscarriages of justice when death penalty was in effect, the data released showed that there was a seventy-two percent wrong conviction rate (Wrongful Conviction in the Philippines).

Death penalty should not be implemented in the Philippines because it is contrary to catholic teachings. The Catholic Church is against capital punishment. Last year, even Pope Francis himself appealed to all Catholics to help abolish death penalty. The Catholic body is against capital punishment because it does not believe in taking away the human life. They are pro life because it is not in their hands that the offender must die but in God’s. Life imprisonment rather than capital punishment is found as a more sufficient solution to keep the criminal alive whilst not endangering the public’s safety (Archbishop Chaput).

Religion should not play a part in the affairs of the state. The Philippine Constitution Article II Section 6 states, “The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable.” The state and church are separate beings so their matters should not collide. It will only be a hindrance and make the case harder to be solved if the Catholic body involves themselves. Also in Catholic teachings, the Bible actually gave many examples on executing criminals for their crimes.

Not all the teachings in the Bible apply to the present age, particularly those on stoning or executing criminals as punishment are not agreed upon by the society today. In the New Testament, a woman who was accused of adultery was brought to Jesus and He said that only those without sin could stone her as punishment and in the end, every single person walked away (John 8:1-11). The Catholic body relies on God’s value on human life as important. Only God can decide whether a man should die or not and it is in His hands that the death will come not through capital punishment. Since the Philippines is a Catholic nation, the people would support the decision of the Catholic Church and what it believes in just like what happened in RH Bill.

No man deserves to die because of his crime; life imprisonment is a better option for a criminal to be punished. There are too many problems if capital punishment was in effect. Innocent people would die because the justice system does not carefully handle the case and they cannot defend themselves well. As a Catholic nation, it is not agreed upon today that death penalty gives justice. The Catholics believe that only the Lord can decide a man’s fate. Death penalty should not be imposed in the country since it against Catholic teachings the criminal justice system is faulty.


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Exit Essay

The benefit is that the innocent individuals would not be executed for crimes they did not commit. The death penalty puts innocent lives at risk . The Philippines cannot risk innocent lives just for the good of the people. The costs of taking away innocent human lives would not justify the removal of threats to the state which are  the criminals who committed heinous crimes. In the Philippines during the time capital punishment was in effect, there are cases where innocent people were sentenced of crimes they did not commit. Are you aware that 4 out of 5 inmates were wrongfully convicted by the lower courts. Of the 1205 inmates on death row, many have been wrongfully convicted, according to human rights groups that represented them. If they had not even helped by the human rights groups then the innocent men would have been wrongfully sentenced to death. Even the Supreme Court admitted that the lower regional trial courts had close to a 72 percent wrong conviction rate (PCIJ).

The thing with death penalty is once a man’s life is taken away, it can never be reversed. Even if the man was proven innocent after, it would not matter since it would not change the fact that he is dead. The government cannot afford to make mistakes because people are not dispensable. Also killing a life is not irreversible. The government will be denying the right of that innocent man to live. He is deprived of his own life, his freedom, and his rights. It cannot be denied the humans make lapses in their judgements but that does not mean that the Philippines is ready to trade off theoretical safety for the lives of many. There was a death penalty case wherein a 79-year-old man was wrongfully sentenced to death, unfortunately, the man died on death row before the Supreme Court could review his case, five years after sentencing.  He was not even a danger to anyone because the old man did not commit the crime (Justice Denied).

There are also many cases where poor quality defense leaves many sentenced to death.One of the most frequent causes of reversals in death penalty cases is ineffective assistance of counsel. In the U.S., a study at Columbia University found that 68% of all death penalty cases were reversed on appeal, with inadequate defense as one of the main reasons requiring reversal. The perfect example would be Parazo’s death penalty case. Parazo was a deaf, blind, muted, and retarded man who was convicted of the death penalty sentence in 1995 for rape and attempted homicide. The court that tried his case never bothered to ensure that he understood the proceedings against him. His multiple disabilities were never even mentioned in court, not even by his court-appointed lawyer. His sentence was affirmed by the Supreme Court in 1997. Taking up his case, the Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) was able to have the high court reverse itself in 1999 (Justice Denied).

Death penalty is not beneficial because it is not a proper channel of retribution. It just becomes a leeway for vengeance instead of justice. All retribution does is give vengeance. It would not even provide the victim’s family what they have lost. Taking away the life of the criminal would never compensate for their loss, only that the murderer has met the same fate. One of the goals of criminal justice system is to rehabilitate the criminals to make them fit to join society once more or in other words, reclusion perpetua. The government wants to give them the change to change. Besides being in jail alone is enough punishment, it limits liberties meaning the criminal has no freedom and he is stuck in one little cell to rot away in.

Reflective Essay

A misconception I had on academic reading and writing was that it was such a bore and making an academic essay would be the worst thing for me to do. After taking this term though, I learned that it was not a bore as long as the topic interested me and writing an academic paper was actually not a hassle as I first thought. I guess being enlightened on what academic reading and writing was helped shape my new positive thinking on it.

I particularly had difficulties in making the word “humor” my own since I was too delved in writing about what it was instead of connecting it to how I see it. I finally realised how far I was from the dealing with the word when my professor told me that my essay was not reflecting or pointing out to humor. This helped me go back to the roots of the word to truly understand it and in the end, everything worked out well. Taking the whole writing process step by step also helped me effective write my essays.

I would proudly admit that my entry essay sucked so badly. I cringed awhile back when I typed it on the blog because I really saw the progress of how far I have come. Compared to the entry essay, my exit essay is definitely better. I guess I was able to incorporate all that I have learned throughout the course and it reflected in the works I have written.

I believe that I have achieved what Englcom seeks for its students to learn. I saw myself grow as an effective communicator when I was able to defend my stand on death penalty well compared to the mock debate where I spurted out random crap that did not even make sense. I saw myself improve in writing papers that had a specific direction on the topic unlike before when my essays did not effectively support what I was talking about. Lastly, I saw myself become more reflective in life and in the things I write about so I thank Englcom for the opportunity to grow and  become a better person.